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Backflow Protection Tuff Cages

Our company understands the importance of protecting our water sources from backflow. We also realize it is imperative to guard the equipment that does this work for us. We have done extensive research and development to design a protective backflow enclosure that guards your backflow devices from theft and vandalism while still being attractive and affordable. We strive to help our environment by using only recycled materials and environmentally safe coatings, producing a "GREEN" product. We are proud to be an environmentally responsible business. Putting a backflow cage over your backflow can also prolong the life of your backflow preventer valve and prevent unnecessary damage caused by freezing, or from overheating by the sun. Our backflow protection enclosures cover ½” pipes to 2″ standard pipes. We make custom cages that can hold 3″ to 12″ pipes as well. Our backflow cages will cover Wilkens, Ames, Watts, Febco backflow preventer valve assemblies. Our steel/metal enclosures are more durable than a gorilla cage and are more protective than a guard shack. So, if you need a backflow supply company to call for your metal cages give us a call today. We warehouse all sizes.

Our new Ultimate Tuff Cage™ design provides superior strength and safety and meets the ASTM standards and requirements for metals and paints. The Ultimate Tuff Cage™ is a backflow prevention enclosure that can be shaped to fit an assortment of valuable backflow devices of any size or type; from backflow prevention assemblies to air vacuum relief valves. Call us today to find our about our FREE delivery and FREE padlock offers! Backflow Protection Prevention Company has a dedicated team of professionals licensed to provide testing, repairs, installation and service for backflow prevention assemblies throughout the Phoenix Arizona area and also ship out our backflow enclosure cage covers nationwide. We have been performing backflow services for over 15 years. When you work with Backflow Protection you will be amazed by our total commitment to your satisfaction. We are family owned and our level of service is second to none. If you are searching for a quality licensed tester, look no further.All of our backflow valve test equipment is calibrated annually to certify that it is in compliance with both City and State governing agency regulations. Testing services include vacuum breaker, double check valve, reduced pressure backflow preventer, pressure vacuum breakers and the brands of Febco, Watts, Wilkins, Conbraco, plus many more.Every backflow device must be certified and tested upon installation and annually thereafter. Our certified backflow preventer installers can provide backflow testing in the cities of Mesa AZ, Ahwatukee AZ, Chandler AZ, Higley AZ, Apache Junction AZ, Sun Lakes AZ, Tempe AZ, Gold Canyon AZ, Paradise Valley AZ, Gilbert AZ, Glendale AZ, Peoria AZ, Avondale AZ, Phoenix AZ and Scottsdale Arizona.


The importance of Ultimate Tuff Cages™ is undeniable. Order now!

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